Forecasting and scheduling agents are two challenges every contact center faces. Workforce Management solutions provide the tools needed to meet these challenges, as well as improve overall operational performance. When developed with the specific needs of contact centers in mind, workforce management software can deliver a host of advantages, enabling contact centers to meet service level objectives and operational goals.

Morinda Case Study

Morinda provides solutions for health, beauty, business opportunities, and financial freedom, with the benefits of Tahiti, around the world. Founded in 1996 and based in American Fork, Utah, Morinda has manufacturing plants in Tahiti, Japan, China, Germany, and the United States. Morinda is a part of the New Age Group, the fastest-growing healthy beverage company in the world.

Morinda provides products and services to a global market. Their contact centers interact with Morinda’s Independent Product Consultants (IPC) and customers from around the world, in several different languages. Naturally, their agents are organized based on languages spoken and a variety of skillsets – product lines, locations, and other specialties.

A comprehensive in-house analysis of their contact center recording, quality management and workforce management solutions (WFO) revealed serious concerns about the upgrades and efficiencies. The project expense simply did not meet Morinda’s contact center operational goals, particularly in terms of cost and efficiency.

After a series of presentations, demonstrations, and due diligence, Morinda chose the DVSAnalytics Encore® Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution.

Download the Morinda case study to learn how Encore is helping Morinda’s contact centers boost performance while meeting their operational goals in terms of cost and efficiency.

7 Advantages of Encore for Contact Centers

Encore workforce optimization solutions provide the tools contact centers need to improve operations and boost performance.

Quality Management

Improve agent performance and new staff training for better customer service, employee retention and increased participation with advanced quality assurance tools.

Dispute Resolution

Quickly respond to inquiries and complaints related to customer interactions with quality call and screen recordings, extensive data capture, and powerful search capabilities.

Incident Documentation for Legal Purposes

In case of legal proceedings, Encore delivers a comprehensive record of each interaction, complete with activity logs and controlled permissions to meet evidentiary standards.

Agent Scheduling

Encore Community workforce management provides the software tools to forecast staffing requirements and optimize schedule adherence.

Inbound Activity Monitoring

Evaluate customer interactions based on specific marketing or sales programs, or campaigns with Desktop Analytics with post contact surveys. Forecast for increased call volume with Encore Community.

Integration with Major CRMs

Interoperability with most customer relationship management solutions, such as Salesforce, enables powerful search functionality.

Security and Advanced Fraud Detection

Ensure confidential information in customer interaction recordings is protected, also helping to satisfy your industry PCI and HIPAA Compliance requirements.

Webinar: Hit Your Service Level Objectives with Streamlined Staffing

How staff is organized and managed affects their ability to perform. In turn, this impacts a contact center’s progress when working toward goals for Service Level objectives. Encore Workforce Management solutions are designed to help Contact Centers meet their goals and streamline staffing.

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