Desktop Analytics

Analytics for Contact Centers

Streamline processes and ensure compliance for your contact center with Encore® Desktop Analytics.

Encore Desktop Analytics is a family of applications used to control recording and add searchable data to recorded interactions for advanced search and retrieval.

Control Recording to Protect Sensitive Information

Organizations use Encore Desktop Analytics to protect sensitive information such as credit card data, social security numbers or personal health information during screen and call recording.

Encore software sends commands/events to the call and screen recording software to pause recording during the collection of sensitive information. Recording resumes for the remainder of the interaction. This is particularly important for maintaining compliance with HIPAA and PCI.

Add Searchable Data to Recorded Interactions

Encore Desktop Analytics is also able to add searchable data to recorded interactions. A wide variety of business processes are possible if the right data is captured from the desktop during a recorded interaction.

Fraud Alerts

Flag multiple calls in a short time period on the same account number.

Denial of Service Complaints

Rapidly locate all conversations relating to a request, such as a request to transfer a patient into a hospital.

Post Contact Surveys

Email surveys to customers immediately after a conversation to obtain in-the-moment feedback.

“He Said/She Said” Disputes

Quickly locate all customer-specific communications relating to a specific transaction.

Government Agency Audits

Locate recorded interactions for specific patients/customers. Agencies such as CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) request voice documentation for specific recipients to verify process adherence.

Business Process Improvement

Automatically identify recordings with specific call results, such as cancellations, no sales, and first call resolutions.

A Solution for Every Organization

Encore Desktop Analytics is a family of applications that can facilitate recording controls while adding searchable data. A variety of options are available depending upon your organization’s individual environment and requirements.

  • eCapture
  • ePause
  • Agent Assist
  • Web API

Encore eCapture

Encore eCapture is a software application that adds searchable data from desktop applications and sends commands to the recorder to ensure sensitive data is not saved in recorded interactions. Configuration of this software requires DVSAnalytics professional services to complete.

Encore ePause

While protecting sensitive information similar to eCapture, ePause is based on web pages (URL addresses). For organizations whose CRM software uses unique URL addresses during the collection of sensitive data, ePause achieves the same objective as eCapture with no professional services required.

Encore Agent Assist

For organizations that approve of agents controlling the pause/resume functions, recording on demand, or adding data to the recording files, Agent Assist is a great option requiring less investment than ePause or eCapture.

Encore Web API

Organizations wishing to develop their own integration with Encore to send start/stop events or capture data can use the Encore Web API. This API is free with every Encore system and doesn’t require additional Encore licensing.

Encore Integration with Salesforce

Leveraging Encore’s Integration, Salesforce users can review Call Recordings associated with cases & opportunities without leaving Salesforce. You can also evaluate recorded interactions based on Salesforce metadata without leaving Encore. The Encore Salesforce Integration is an OUT-OF-THE-BOX solution. No custom development is required. 

Practical WFO Solutions for Contact Centers

DVSAnalytics practical Workforce Optimization solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Enhance your contact center with searchable interaction data with Encore Desktop Analytics from DVSAnalytics.