Workforce Optimization

Improve Your Contact Center Customer Experience

Improving Contact Center performance is the primary reason organizations choose to invest in a workforce optimization solution.

Workforce Optimization (WFO) delivers tools to improve the quality of customer interactions while workforce management helps contact centers meet their service level objectives.

Improve the Quality of Customer Interactions

Most businesses record calls with customers. Millions of recordings are saved to data warehouses daily. These recordings contain a treasure trove of unique opportunities to understand how the business is interacting with its customers and identify areas to improve.

Encore™ Workforce Optimization

Making an investment in recording technology that includes a complete Workforce Optimization solution provides a rapid return on investment and significant improvements in business operations.

  • Interaction Recording: Call & Screen
  • Desktop and Speech Analytics
  • Quality Management Solutions
  • Customized Reporting and Dashboards
  • Workforce Management Tools
Every customer interaction has a direct impact on the success of your organization. A bad customer experience can spread like wildfire, while a great customer experience can attract new clients and opportunities.

Performance Optimization with DVSAnalytics

DVSAnalytics Encore Quality and Workforce Management solutions deliver the tools needed to improve agent performance and the customer experience.

  • Dynamic libraries and playlists to effortlessly identify recordings in need of review
  • Flexible evaluation and calibration tools tailored to your business and departments
  • Automatic coaching assignments based upon evaluation results
  • Staff scheduling with real-time adherence and built-in optimization
  • Supervisor dashboards to see key metrics, such as agent performance at a glance
  • Agent dashboards to track personal standing, performance and eCoaching assignments
  • Gamification for automating the creation and management of performance-based contests, rewards, and recognition
DVSAnalytics solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, maximize employee engagement, and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions and contact center operations. Enhance your contact center with optimized resources to ensure your organization achieves continued success.