Technology Partners

DVSAnalytics delivers easy integrations into all major contact center communication platforms.

DVSAnalytics invests in robust integrations with our technology partners because communications platforms are the heart of contact center operations. This is where all interactions between agents and customers occur. Interoperability and compatibility between all software and hardware components within a contact center are key factors in achieving a high standard of performance.

The Encore® Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions have the ability to track, record, analyze and manage all these interactions. Beyond high-degrees of interoperability and compatibility, DVS delivers the software needed to meet service goals while managing the costs associated with training and quality management.

Engineered for interoperability and compatibility with all major communications platforms, the Encore solution is easy to install and manage. Encore enables the transformation of raw data to actionable business insights. Capture, record and analyze customer interactions to boost agent performance, improve operations, and enhance the customer experience.

These are just some of the contact center communications platform providers Encore is designed to integrate to:



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