DVSAnalytics Can Help
During the COVID-19 Emergency

Enable Remote Workers
Handle Increased Call Volume
24 to 48 Hour Turnaround Time 


Designed to simplify contact center management’s daily workload, ensure a positive customer experience, maximize employee engagement and deliver analytics-enabled insights into customer interactions.

Workforce Optimization

Interaction Recording

Quality Management

Practical Analytics

Workforce Management

Practical Solutions for Contact Centers

Encore® Workforce Optimization software delivers powerful and secure call recording, quality management, analytics, and workforce engagement solutions.

All the tools required to empower your workforce, augment your contact center and enhance the voice of the customer in one highly interoperable platform, on-premises or in the cloud.

Contact Center, Enhanced

Workforce Optimization

Optimize the customer experience and workforce management with an integrated suite of software developed to enhance your existing contact center platform.

Workforce Engagement

Engage your employees with premium tools and performance insights. Create an environment for success, with each member of your team emphasizing your goals and values.

Voice of the Customer

Powerful speech analytics and survey capabilities give your customers a clear voice, providing you with customer intelligence to enhance customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty.

On-Premises or Cloud


Own your edition of Encore Workforce Optimization and Workforce Engagement Management software with a Perpetual licensing model.


DVSAnalytics provides everything you need to optimize you contact center, on-premises or cloud, in one easy-to-manage subscription.

Software as a service

Encore Software as a Solution (SaaS) via the cloud. DVSAnalytics provides everything you need, including the infrastructure.


“Encore has been rock-solid. After just one training class, staff and supervisors were able to jump into the Encore system and begin using it with no issues.”

Tom Gorley

Telecom Administrator, City of Glendale, AZ

“When we started using Encore for Quality Assurance our baseline score was 50, after only 3 months our scores have climbed to 82. We are constantly refining our processes as a team to climb even higher.”

Iwona Laskawiec

Quality Assurance Manager, Forefront Dermatology

“With Encore, it’s as if somebody has spent years working on the phones, maybe even in a contact center environment. It’s such a perfect tool for the work that we do.”

Michele Davis
Statewide Intake Coordinator, Kansas Legal Services