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Why DVS?

  • We Make the Complicated, Simple and Easy to Use

    Let’s face it, many workforce and quality management software packages can be complicated and difficult to use. We turn the tables by giving you a software suite that requires less time to get the information you need. Not only will your team be up and running on the system in just a couple of hours, but our Quality Management portal makes agent training quick, simple and intuitive, allowing you to move onto the other parts of your job that demand your attention.

  • Automation that Transforms the Customer Experience

    The degree to which your contact center achieves high levels of agent retention and customer satisfaction is the degree to which you are able to automate results-oriented processes. We specialize in smart automation of the way you train, incentivize and measure your agent performance and better achieve your organizational goals/requirements.

  • Immediate ROI that You Can Bank On

    Simply put: we accelerate the improvement process which results in better productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. Want more proof? Our Encore Workforce Optimization suite facilitates individualized eCoaching lessons, self-evaluations and self-serve portals lowering supervisor/agent one-on-one time by half; improves Quality Management KPIs by up to 71%; and reduces agent turnover through agent engagement dashboards and gamification incentives.

  • Unified, Integrated & Compliant

    With over 898 businesses on the dvsAnalytics platform, we have a reputation to protect. Our ability to guarantee seamless integration with all major unified communication platforms and industry compliance standards is a result of a purposeful investment we make into developing our software. Through a hefty investment into UC platform testing of each integration, our software goes to market 99.99% bug-free, 99.99% up and operational, and 100% compliant with your environment.

  • Same Bang. More Buck.

    We understand that no one size fits all and we carry that belief into providing various options around how you license our software. While contact centers with a fixed number of agents or cap-ex budget requirements might prefer perpetual licensing, we give the fluctuating or seasonal contact center, and businesses with an op-ex preference, additional choices that include on-premises subscription or a fully-managed cloud, both with flexible licensing. These choices provide you the opportunity to experience the power of dvsAnalytics in a way that fits your needs.

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Are you spending too much time analyzing data?

Dashboards make it possible to see important information and trends at a glance. Just choose which reports are most important to you, and Encore will present key metrics with a collection of widgets on your home screen.

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Are you looking for a real cloud solution for quality management?

Whether you choose a cloud, premise or combined deployment, Encore's application options remain the same. Encore will improve your performance and maintain compliance on any platform you choose.

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Is it easy for you to schedule staff to meet service level objectives?

With the right automation, you can take the guesswork out of wondering if you have scheduled the right number of agents.

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