Contact Centers Increase Motivation and View KPIs at a Glance


dvsAnalytics recently announced the release of Encore® 6.0.5, which delivers exciting new dashboards and gamification to Encore users. These new automations will further assist businesses in improving their customer experiences through increased transparency and a higher capacity for hosting contests to motivate and reward agents. Encore Dashboards include real-time views of important trends and KPIs, […]

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Contact Centers Play, and Win!

dvsAnalytics Contact Centers Play and Win

Every business has, at some point in time, found itself contemplating how to better align KPIs with, and motivate, its staff. Fortunately, increasing numbers of managers have realized acknowledgement of a job well done makes a big difference in employee morale. To cultivate recognition in the contact center, supervisors have gone to great lengths to […]

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Case Study: Arizona Federal’s Business Initiative Success Story

Arizona Federal’s Business Initiative Success Story

When it comes to coordinating efforts, a business is like a boat, and employees are like rowers. Is everyone rowing in the same direction? Are all departments and resources supporting a common goal? If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Do not underestimate the power of coordination and resourcefulness, however. When Arizona Federal Credit […]

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