You Can’t Be Two Places at Once—Luckily You Don’t Have to Be

You Can't Be Two Places at Once—Luckily You Don't Have to Be

As customer expectations have increased and technology has evolved, the contact center supervisor’s role has expanded to include a litany of responsibilities. Long gone are the days when the position consisted of walking the floor, listening to agents on calls, filling out the occasional evaluation report and meeting with them for one-on-one evaluations or training. […]

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Moving from Reactive to Proactive in the Contact Center

dvsAnalytics Encore Proactive Coaching for Agents

Customer complaints are inevitable in contact centers that handle hundreds or thousands of interactions every day. As such, training agents to effectively resolve these unavoidable issues is integral to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. But for contact center managers, the best way to deal with customer complaints that are preventable is to […]

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Taking Customer Service From Good to Great

dvsAnalytics Encore Taking Customer Service from Good to Great

If you supervise agents or manage a call center, you have likely heard the myriad of scary statistics about poor customer service. For instance, 56 percent of customers will never make another purchase after a bad customer experience according to the results of a recent PwC survey. These kinds of statistics certainly serve a purpose; […]

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