Why You Can’t Separate Customer Service From Brand Image

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Brand image and customer service are two separate concepts: the former refers to the thoughts and feelings a brand evokes in consumers, while the second describes the manner in which a company provides assistance or advice to customers and prospects. Although they have different definitions, through the years these two terms have increasingly overlapped to […]

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Bringing Contact Center Monitoring Into the Mobile Era

dvsAnalytics EncoreMobile Live Monitor

Every day it seems the business world puts more emphasis on mobility. Google, for instance, recently released a new algorithm designed to reward mobile-friendly websites with better search rankings and seemingly every telecom company now touts its mobile solutions. This mobile prioritization is natural considering that as of October 2014, 64 percent of American adults […]

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Research Shows Majority of Employees Desire Specialized Training

dvsAnalytics Encore helps business provide specialized training

Oftentimes, the word “education” is closely intertwined with “degree.” That line of thinking, however, is evolving rapidly. To be sure, a college degree is still extremely valuable; a recent study from Glassdoor.com and Harris Interactive found that 82 percent of U.S. employees believe their undergraduate degree has helped them advance in their chosen field. That […]

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