Why Analytics Are About More than Just the Contact Center

Analytics Are About More than Just the Contact Center

It seems like a normal week in the contact center. You are receiving about the usual volume of customer calls and your agents seem to be handling every question and complaint in stride. On Friday you sit down to review reports and listen to hours of calls, as you do at the end of every […]

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Are You 100 Percent Confident in Your Call Compliance?


Every executive or decision maker has had the experience. You put a solution or process in place believing that it will have the intended impact, but somewhere in the back of your mind is a slightly nagging feeling that the mechanism is flawed in some way. In certain circumstances, this little bit of uncertainty may […]

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Automation Has a Place in Contact Centers, Too

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You’ve probably read and heard quite a bit about the role automation is now playing with consumer devices and business operations across a multitude of verticals. For instance, automated mechanical processes in factories allow for more precise and efficient assembly and some information security solutions now include automatic threat resolution capabilities. Contact centers are consistently […]

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