Making Every Customer Interaction Outcome-driven

Encore makes every customer interaction outcome-driven

What is a contact center customer interaction? Yes, it is a communication between an agent and a customer for the purpose of answering a question or resolving a problem. It is also an opportunity to create loyalty with individual callers through top-notch service. But what many organizations may not realize—or may not have the capability […]

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Desktop vs. Speech Analytics: What’s the Difference?

dvsAnalytics Encore Call Recording offers both desktop and speech analytics

Analytics is a prominent buzzword in nearly every vertical today. The ability to take large quantities of data and convert it into actionable information can be invaluable to an organization looking to streamline its processes and cater to its customers’ needs and expectations for customer service. But “analytics” is an extremely broad term and, as […]

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Avoiding the Most Common Contact Center Productivity Killers—Part 2

Encore call recording reduces costs, improve customer satisfaction and increases revenue generation.

Improving contact center productivity should be a top priority for organizations as enhanced efficiency can reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue generation. In part one of this series we discussed two factors that threaten contact center productivity: poorly handled customer disputes and manual agent training. Now, we observe two more contact center productivity […]

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