Are You Getting the Full Picture From Your Evaluations?

dvsAnalytics Evaluations Provide the Complete Picture

Here’s a simple question: Would you ever drive with only one side view mirror on your car? How about crossing the street after looking only one way? Clearly, the answer is no, but many contact center managers are actually trying to do their jobs this way—with only a portion of the information they need to […]

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Game-changing Apps for Managing Phone-Based Sales and Support Teams


Today we are announcing the release of Encore v6.0.2 that introduces Voice Annotation, enhances Live Monitor, and extends access to recordings from ACD reports. Available immediately, this release delivers new options for on-the-go managers to monitor calls from anywhere, record coaching tips, and access recordings from other applications. With v6.0.2, Encore users have unique views […]

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Three Ways Call Recording Will Transform Your Contact Center

call recording to transform your contact center

Have you ever called your contact center simply to hear how your agents address your concerns? Were you routed to the correct agent immediately? Or were you sent down a frustrating path, transferred from one agent to another? Your contact center is the lifeblood of your business, setting the benchmark for customer service. As such, […]

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