Keeping Up In a New Era of Customer Expectations

dvsAnalytics Encore Keeping Up In a New Era of Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are rising faster and faster in today’s technology-driven world. The amount of information that’s available with just a click of a mouse or in the palm of someone’s hand makes nearly everyone expect more. With the upsurge of digital communications, contact center managers need to address the profound impact it’s having on their […]

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Contact Center Scheduling Software: A Holiday Gift to Lighten the Load

dvsAnalytics Encore Contact Center Scheduling Software

As we enter the frenzied holiday buying season, contact centers are bracing for the onslaught in a number of ways: hiring temporary agents to handle the overflow, increasing current staff hours and otherwise preparing for the mayhem to come. This is no time for managers to be worrying about scheduling and dealing with cumbersome spreadsheets […]

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Top Three Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Contact Centers

dvsAnalytics Encore Cloud

As a focal point of all customer interactions, contact centers today are playing a crucial role in developing and maintaining life-long connections with your customers. Contact centers face challenges similar to most service-oriented businesses: being tasked to increase revenue and deliver exemplary customer service, all while keeping costs under control. But today’s customers are more […]

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