New dvsAnalytics Website Brings More Interactivity and Content


This week, dvsAnalytics launched a brand new website, packed with enhanced content, retrievable from any device. As Encore Workforce Optimization (WFO) applications have expanded, the need to deliver new ways to view solution options became apparent. Check out to see our: Tiled user-interface that brings more categories of information to the home page […]

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Maximizing the Value of your Encore Workforce Optimization Solution


Big Data can be found throughout an organization — even in your Encore recorded calls. Our clients typically have tens of thousands of recorded customer interactions in their Encore libraries and even more in their Encore archives. These recordings may have been originally captured for quality management, training or compliance purposes, but they also contain […]

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What tools do I need to improve the performance of my sales and customer service teams?

Every customer interaction directly impacts the future revenue and growth of an organization. Sales and customer service teams are equally concerned about improving the quality of these interactions to increase their contribution to the organization’s success. Quality management systems are designed to optimize and improve the performance of phone-based agents through the use of call […]

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