Avoiding the Most Common Contact Center Productivity Killers—Part 1

dvsAnalytics Encore call recording fills the gap

Besides improving the customer experience, increasing productivity within the contact center is top priority for managers. The reason for this is simple: in the contact center, time and money are one and the same. In other words, every idle or wasted minute within your organization negatively impacts profitability. To this end, it’s important that organizations […]

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Using Call Recording to Stay Calm and Carry On

dvsAnalytics Encore Call Recording gives contact center managers make quick, fair decisions.

It’s a typically hectic day in the contact center when you’re alerted to an explosive customer interaction resulting in a customer requesting to speak with a manager. According to the agent, the customer was completely uncooperative; however, when you get on the line with the customer, he claims the agent was unprofessional and resisted transferring […]

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How to Get Your New Hires Up to Speed Faster

dvsAnalytics Encore helps you bring your contact center agents up to speed faster

As a contact center manager, you’re pleased to see fresh new faces among your agent base. However, it can be difficult to get them up to speed and productive. It’s your job to not only ensure new hires are comfortable and confident in their roles—as agent performance directly correlates with profit and customer satisfaction—but that […]

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