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Why DVS?

  • Innovative software

    Regardless of whether you choose cloud, premise or a combination, dvsAnalytics leads the industry in its innovative approach to solutions that streamline processes and save time for businesses. From its dynamic playlists and automated coaching to mobile monitoring, the Company continues to delight its customers with novel ways to help businesses achieve their goals and save time and money.

  • Comprehensive communication platform integrations

    Customers and reseller partners have learned to count on dvsAnalytics' Encore to be consistently compliant with all versions of the industry's leading unified communication platforms, whether you choose cloud, premise or a combination. Encore also goes a step beyond by capturing additional metadata and delivering more search and retrieval options.

  • Best return on investment

    Encore has been recognized by industry analysts as having the most compelling return on investment in the market. By including many quality management applications with basic systems and providing unlimited access with secure login credentials, the ROI can't be beat!

  • Unparalleled Service and Support

    dvsAnalytics goes the extra mile with service and support. Besides 24x7x365 access to technicians, free software upgrades, unlimited training and deployment options of cloud, premise or a combination, we continually strive to more than satisfy our customers and partners.

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Are you spending too much time analyzing data?

Dashboards make it possible to see important information and trends at a glance. Just choose which reports are most important to you, and Encore will present key metrics with a collection of widgets on your home screen.

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Are you looking for a real cloud solution for quality management?

Whether you choose a cloud, premise or combined deployment, Encore's application options remain the same. Encore will improve your performance and maintain compliance on any platform you choose.

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Is it easy for you to schedule staff to meet service level objectives?

With the right automation, you can take the guesswork out of wondering if you have scheduled the right number of agents.

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  • Looking for a way to improve call flow and locate usability issues with software? Try Encore Screen Recording. Here… https://t.co/XUDTID77oJ

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